You're Free to Go - Carl Smith

You're Free to Go
Written by: Lou Herscher, Don Robertson

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You're Free to Go Lyrics

You're free to go, darling
I'll break the ties that bind
Somehow the dreams we planned have gone astray

You're free to go, darling
So ease your worried mind
I'll never stand in your way

There's no ring of shining gold
So strong that it can hold
A heart when it longs to be free

The lips are cold, darling
That once said yes to me
The tender glow is gone, I know
You're free to go

You're Free to Go Singers

1. Merv Shiner 1955 2. Carl Smith (billboard hit 1956) 1955

3. Don Robertson with Lou Dinning 1956 4. Jim Reeves June 1960 5. The Mudlarks 1960 6. Les Paul & Mary Ford – 1962 7. The Alexander Brothers May 1963 8. Rick Nelson December 9, 1963 9. Goldie Hill – 1964 10. Julie London 1965 11. Al Bishop - 1965 12. Teresa Duffy – 1966 13. Karen Young 1969 14. Sonny James 1974 15. Emmylou Harris 1986.

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